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Maine holds a special place in our imagination. For some, the state's name evokes personal memories of childhood vacations at a ramshackle lakeside camp, falling asleep listening to the wind in the pines, waking to the smell of the morning fire and the clank of the woodstove door.  For others, it's the dream of taking a permanent vacation from the rat race, to live in a place without pretense where you can just be yourself. Maine, the way life should be.  It's our state slogan.

Helping people achieve that aspiration is our business. 

Maine is a big state with a diverse landscape. From the lush St. John Valley on the Canadian border to the sandy beaches of Scarborough, from the remote North Woods to the cosmopolitan streets of Portland, Maine has a place for everyone.  Whether your version of the Maine lifestyle is buying a  home, opening a business, or investing in a piece of Maine's 17 million acre forest land, we can help. 

For sellers, we offer careful value analysis, detailed property depiction, custom marketing plans, and expert representation.  We help buyers find the right property at the right price in the area of Maine that's right for them, and we offer professional representation through closing.

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